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Parramore Main Street Introduces Three New Mural Installations and Revitalization Efforts

Parramore Mural

On Monday, February 21, 2022 the City of Orlando City Council voted to establish Parramore as its own Orlando Main Street, creating another arm that will specifically serve the Parramore community and black-owned businesses and neighborhoods. Through Wells Fargo’s HOPE campaign, businesses took advantage of micro-grants to make improvements to their establishments. Additionally, Parramore Main Street Executive Director, Natasha Gaye, prioritized a portion of the awarded grant to be dedicated to the creation of three new mural installations and revitalization efforts to attract new visitors to Parramore. In order to bring new murals to the district, Parramore Main Street partnered with Art of Collab to lead, support and recruit local artists, who focused their visions on the history, heritage and heart of Parramore.

With input from the Parramore neighborhood, each artist curated their own mural which is on display throughout  Parramore. Art of Collab director Mariah Roman, explains that the purpose of this project is to bring representation and visibility to the Parramore community.

“All artists have worked with the community to tell their stories and highlight the inspiring people that come from Parramore,” said Roman. “The artists hope to spark conversations and leave a beautiful environment for the community to enjoy and take pride in.”

During a community-wide launch event on February 26, 2022, the three murals were revealed and over 50 visitors participated in a walking tour narrated by the artists. AJ Designz mural is displayed on Jean’s Welding, at 712 Church Street. “I wanted to create something that would leave an everlasting positive impact on this community, inspire them and give them determination,” AJ shared. His design includes community leaders, Dr. Wells and Dr. Callahan, alongside the historic buildings of Parramore, South Side Casino and the Wells’ Built Museum and Hotel. Stretching to the opposite end of the mural is an aspirational image of children who represent the future and light of Parramore. AJ believes that the children can have limitless potential when they understand their history and the legacy of where they come from.

“I felt the love and appreciation from the community during my time creating the mural, it made me feel at peace and at home amongst the residents,” AJ said. He wanted to give back to a community that welcomed him and he did so through his painting, an art form that he knows has a tremendous ability to garner attention and curiosity, a form fit for a community with so much knowledge to share. Parramore’s storied history inspired AJ to be a part of the next chapter in its legacy, one he envisions as having more resources for residents. “Working here was like being an extension to history,” AJ said. “ In the future, I would like to see more shelters for the homeless and police involvement with the community that fosters goodwill and trust.”

Transformation Salon is the site of mural number two.  JJ The Artist’s goal was to highlight the evolution and progress of black hair throughout generations of history alongside the two exterior walls at 427 S Parramore Ave. In achieving this goal he could provide the representation that often goes overlooked in predominantly Black, low income communities. “Working in Parramore has made me confront the disparities between communities like Parramore and communities just 10 minutes away that experience far more attention and development,” JJ explained.

Residents of the community offered encouragement, admiration and sometimes much needed snacks during the creation process. JJ hopes for his mural to inspire someone for the better, whether that is someone passing by or a large crowd on their way to an Orlando City soccer match. By 2023, JJ envisions  a cleaner neighborhood, pride that radiates from the community and smart and sustainable development within the neighborhood rather than around it.

The last mural adorns the walls of Tip Top Grocery, one of the only supermarkets that services the Parramore neighborhood. It is a crucial mainstay and a gathering location for many. Visories is the brilliant artist who brought this empty wall alongside 446 S Parramore Ave. alive. The mural features an abundance of fruits and vegetables that are native to Florida and a woman in a headwrap that symbolizes Mother Nature. “This was inspired by the idea of abundance,” Visories explained. “Parramore exists in a food desert where there is no place to get locally grown foods in the community and the nearest grocery store is miles away.” The mural became a conversation starter for some within the main street corridor, as it was confusing to see fresh food being represented on the paneling, however not prevalent in the community. “This mural began a dialogue about how we can get fresh foods to the community,” Visories added. “I hope that in 10 years my mural will be alongside a self-sustaining community that grows and distributes their food locally, as a part of a collective community that aims to sustain, uplift, and protect the history and spirit found only in the unique district of Parramore.”

Be sure to come see our artists’ visions in-person and experience the vibrancy throughout the Parramore Main Street District. These projects and improvements could have not been made possible without Wells Fargo’s HOPE campaign and the support of the community. To learn more about Parramore Main Street and get involved, visit:

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